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>> coming up, signs of hope, how congressional leaders are expressing new optimism despite voting down another plan. plus, another 90 degree plus day. what to expect for the rest of the weekend, and redskins training camp, the first practice open to the public. we have complete coverage. captioned by the national captioning institute we begin with the debt showdown, a busy day on capitol hill as lawmakers want to come to a deal before the august 2 deadline. the big question, are they making progress tonight? top republican leaders claim they are close to making a deal with president obama, despite
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the house rejecting the senate plan to raise the debt ceiling this afternoon. the president just finished meeting with top democrats. we are joined live in the newsroom with where things stand right now. so much going on today. >> hour by hour, changes. president obama back in the thick of negotiation. he met with democratic leaders from the house and senate and has spoken on the phone with republican senate minority leader mcconnell, all this after plans failed in both chambers, the president saying there is little time. after a tense 24 hours on capitol hill. >> put something on the table. tell us where you are. it is time for us to be adults. it is what the ameri

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